Homeownerman: Always Under Construction

So, here’s the deal… I plan to start writing a blog about my adventures of HomeOwnerMan. I’m not going to restrict myself to topics. It might be about home repair, or travel, or cooking, or money, yoga, or visual arts, or what is on TV, or health, or NASCAR, or lawn maintenance, or dogs, or car maintenance. I’ll generally avoid politics and religion, though you might find some of that here, too. I may have an advice column eventually. Who knows?

Read stuff. Look at the pictures. Leave comments. Make suggestions. That’s what makes it fun for all of us.

Don’t take any of this too seriously. There may be actual how-to stuff in here, but it will be peppered with a healthy dose of exaggeration and hyperbole. So it will be up to the reader to decide which is which.

So, jump right in!

Homeowner Man: Making the ordinary Extra ordinary.

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